Dakota was a bit sad she didn’t get to go hunting with Scott today. She was pacing around and following him everywhere he went until he left.  I know Scott wishes he could have taken her, but unfortunately, she isn’t much of a hunting dog. The only time she has ever gone out, she was so afraid of the noise she ran off and hid under the truck.  Maybe someday Scott will get his hunting dog and have the time to train her right.





Mckenzie is still a bit under the weather and Abby started to complain that she wasn’t feeling the best either. I’m hoping whatever they have doesn’t last too long. On a good note, little man slept through the night!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to wake up at 5 am instead of 1 am, 3 am, and 5 am.  Cooper has been our most challenging baby yet to get into a nighttime routine. The girls really spoiled us by being so easy to sleep train (as babies anyway) so we thought our last baby would be just as easy. Wrong!!! I guess what they say about assuming is honestly true :)

Epsita Wow just love all your clicks!!
Laurie Awww! She looks pitiful! Great story telling!