I stepped out of the room to check on Mckenzie while I was feeding Cooper breakfast, and this is what I came back to. My little mama’s helper was busy feeding her brother. She was doing a great job at it so I let her finish :)




I love how hard she is concentrating while feeding little man.







I am so excited that the framing guy came to work on the basement bathroom today. I cannot wait until the basement gets finished and we can start using it as livable space instead of just storage.  I took Mckenzie to the doctor today because she has had a fever off and on all week and she woke up every 45 minutes to an hour last night, crying that her throat hurt. I thought for sure she must have something going on, but nope, she’s just congested and everything else looked great! Thank goodness! Today was another reminder that three children can be handful. I was in such a rush to get everyone else ready to go to the doctor’s office that I forgot to put on shoes and wore slippers instead. I guess I should be thankful I remembered to change out of my pj’s :)


April First of all your pictures and kids are adorable. What wonderful photos!! I love her freckles! Secondly, I hope everyone is feeling better! (so funny about your slippers. That is what we do!!) Have a wonderful day :)
Brandi Love the pictures! The first one shot from above the highchair and kids is a great, and very different, angle! Makes me want to try something like that!
Brooke Barb, this is just precious! I'm sure Abby is such a good little mama to him. Reminds me of Molly.