I was a lucky mama to witness a fashion show in my very own home today, on my bed, nonetheless.  The girls dressed up, put on make-up and perfume and had their nails painted. Abby did her own for the first time and I could tell she felt like such a big girl. Mckenzie was more than happy to let me do hers. She still has very specific needs, such as stripes with glitter. Probably a little more advanced than a 5 year old can paint. In all honesty, probably a little more advanced than my skills allow me, but she’s happy even if the lines aren’t even and that is what matters anyway :)

April omg!!! This brought me back.. My daughter is now 23 and is STILL immaculate with her nails. I swear she changed the color every day. She was never a "girly" type kid and grew up in sweats and a baseball cap, BUT her nails were always done. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! The girls sound so fun :)