She looked so peaceful sleeping in my bed this morning that I had to snap a quick photo. (I was going to get one of her sister as well, but she is an early riser and gets me up if the boy hasn’t already done so :) ) It’s too bad that she wasn’t are restful last night with all the coughing and crying she did again. I hope she kicks this cough/cold that she has going on soon. She isn’t herself and has been wanting to nap during the day and I don’t like to see my little ones feeling blah. Aaaaand, Mama needs her sleep and between the boy wanting to nurse in the middle of the night and her coughing fits, I am a tired woman!



The boy found some nice light to play in this morning so I got to play as well. Only for a few minutes though, because then he went off to find other things to climb on and get into.  I’m thinking he ought to let me know where he is going to play so I can clean up the background behind him :)

Abby gets to talk about her “Read All About Me” poster at school this week so she was busy working on it today. I felt a little sad that she didn’t ask for much help with her project. The last four years she has made one, we have done it together, well, to be honest, most of it was me and she got to help a little. So watching her today, so intent on what was important enough to include on her poster and what to leave out, made me realize once again that she’s not so little anymore. That she is becoming capable of succeeding on her own and while my heart swells with pride that she is growing and maturing the way she is supposed to, sprouting the way her father and I have guided her, my heart weeps a little too as I am reminded she doesn’t need to have me hold her hand each step of the way anymore :(

Courtney Wow! Look at the light in the second one!! Bea-u-ti-ful!!!!
Janell H. Sweet photos! I love the light in the second one.