Scott returned from his hunting trip and said he had a great time. I’m not sure what is so great about being outside in the freezing cold, but for some strange reason, he loves it!

I am trying to challenge myself with using different lighting around the house. I have a tendency to shoot near windows because it is easy. But, I find that I am getting a little bored with it and need a push in a different direction, so indoor lighting it is! For now at least 😉

Barb Thanks Laurie! I think we took Megan's class together didn't we? I have just strayed away from using indoor lighting because I still suck at Kelvin and I can never find my Expodisc :)
Laurie Great light Barb! I LOVE light. Did you take MNLI with Megan? That was a really awesome class. I highly recommend it bc it pushes you to use light in different ways and create your own lighting conditions. I'm hooked. I love the warm colors too and the pretty light on the floor. Nice job!
Epsita Lovely!!
April I'm glad your link is working now! What a great shot and you succeeded in using new light! Nice and crisp. And I agree...any sport in which you get cold is not for me!
Brooke Awesome use of the lighting!! I love it! I want to start using different lighting as well...great challenge. At first I thought it was his uniform (for veterans day) and for a split second I thought, "Why is Scott wearing his BDUs." haha!!