Cooper turned 8 months old today! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown. He is pulling up and cruising along furniture. He doesn’t like to sit still, preferring to crawl or stand (holding on to something). He still doesn’t sleep through the night, although that may have more to do with me not teaching him to sleep through the night than him not being able to… He loves, absolutely adores, his sisters. His face lights up when he sees them and he loves to “talk” to them as well. He is doing something different with his left hand these days. He holds it up and stares at it while he twists his hand and arm around. Not sure what exactly it is, maybe a precursor to waving, but it is cute nonetheless. And it is probably one of those things that unless you see it, you have no idea what I mean :)


Brandi Love how you cropped this photo! The little mouth on the wheel is priceless! And boy, kids put their mouths on everything so this photo will be a great reminder of those days once he's older :-)
Brooke How cute is this!! Very sweet and priceless! I love the composition. I agree, I'm glad we are both doing this challenge. It is a great way to reconnect, plus help eachother through our photography. Can't wait to see today's pic!
epsita wow amazing click!!