The little man does not like to be gated in anywhere and this was his attempt at begging me to let him out. It didn’t work. In fact, he probably had to hang out behind the gate amongst his toys even longer so I could snap a photo 😉 If I don’t have the gate up, he is trying to climb up the entertainment center or the fireplace or the stairs. Anywhere that he isn’t supposed to be. I guess I should have bought him door stoppers and air vents as toys instead of the boring things we are making him play with.

Laurie And next up he'll be digging in all of your cabinets....wait, he probably already is. I think that was my least favorite stage, trying to open the safety cabinet latches by basically banging the door back and forth. Hated it. Now they just destroy other things. I love this picture. He does look a little pitiful ;)
Courtney What a sweet face! How do you keep him fenced in ;)