Using the iPad to do a little reading tonight.




Reading “I Like Bugs” to Daddy. It is one of her favorite books right now and the best part is she can read the entire thing!

Brandi I forget about trying out my photos in black and white, but your photos sure make me want to try it right now! Great shots!
Brooke Oh I just LOVE the first one!! Perfect! I need to try ipad lighting. Can't believe how grown up A is...feels like yesterday we were pregnant together and living it up in FL.
April I love these! The light is so perfect in the first and I love the black and white. What a special moment captured in the second and the focus on your daughter is perfection!
Epsita Simply love B
Epsita Lovely captures....
Laurie I love the first one! iPad light is the best. And those second kids are awesome readers! D has really taken off too. Whenever I get my Letters to Our Children post up, you'll see her in action too. I love seeing the look on her face when she figures out a word. Scott looks like he is enjoying the book about bugs too. :)
Janell I love how these are black and white! I just posted an ipad photo also. hehe