The school nurse called me today to let me know that Abby wasn’t feeling well. Abby’s tummy and head weren’t feeling the greatest so I went to pick her up. I guess our car has magic healing powers because by the time we were half way home (less than a 15 minute drive), she was feeling better and telling me she was hungry. She was a little off all afternoon, but I think it was more of a needing to spend time with mommy kind of sickness than anything else.I didn’t mind though.  It was nice to be able to spend time with her :) I was in the middle of cleaning my bathroom and she asked me if cleaning was all I did during the day and I explained how I also do laundry and run errands and take care of her brother. She seemed a bit disappointed by that idea. I wonder what she thought I did all day long?

Abby asked me if I would make up some math equations for her to practice and she decided the counter was the best place to do it.

Brooke I love when the kids are home from school. I hate that they don't feel well but I love the one on one time we get to spend together. Love that she asked for math equations too. :)
Laurie How sweet to want to spend a little time with mom. :) I found a great math website the other day. Second grade is doing "Rocket Math" and I figured we could start working on that with the kids (in all of our spare time)....anyway, he has tons of math worksheets. :) http://www.dadsworksheets.com