20131124-076 Grandpa Hietala Mckenzie


Mckenzie was showing Grandpa Hietala a game on the iPad. From the looks of it, I’d say Grandpa was REALLY into it 😉 We headed to ND for Cooper’s baptism. The trip took a little longer than anticipated because we had to stop and secure the carrier on top of the car. We left Dakota in SD with Scott’s mom giving us more room in the car for our luggage and the carrier was too light for the speed we were travelling. After getting Cooper down for the night, I met up with my three best friends. We have known each other longer than we haven’t. It’s pretty cool to think that after all these years and all the distance between us, that we can still get together and pick up like we hadn’t been apart. 20131124-028 Barb Sheri Crystal Lisa b&w

And yes, this technically was taken at the baptism the next day but I didn’t bring my camera with when we went out :)