We had a snow day today! I can’t believe school was cancelled for the tiny bit of snow we had, but it made for a fun day. Abby went to play with her friend across the street and I didn’t see her until almost dinner time. Mckenzie and Cooper and I went outside to play in the snow with her friend. Cooper and I headed didn’t stay out too long, but Mckenzie wanted to stay and play with her friends. It wasn’t long though, and there was a knock on the door and Mckenzie was begging to get out of the cold :) She would be most comfortable living in Florida as she doesn’t really like the cold and only played outside to hang out with her friend. I think she is coming down with something again. She has a fever and asked to go to bed early :( Let’s hope a good nights sleep will be all she needs to feel better.

Brooke How fun!! I just LOVE snow days! Perfect exposure. :)
Janell So jealous of your snow! Great pic. Hope your daughter feels better!