20140107-016Since it was cold out this morning and the wind had died down, I blew some bubbles for the girls to see. My plan was to have Abby blow the bubbles for me and I would snap some photos, but it didn’t work out very well for her. Guess her little fingers didn’t like getting cold. So, I put the camera away and blew bubbles for the kids to enjoy and I have to say, I enjoyed it a whole lot more myself! Cooper and Mckenzie stayed inside and watched through the window while Abby got to chase the bubbles and they froze and shattered in the air. It warmed up a bit this afternoon so the girls went out to play for awhile. A great way for them to enjoy another snow day.



Brooke Wow! That's A LOT of snow!! I'm sure the kids are just loving it. Seems like I'm finally caught up after working for 3 days on my pictures. I agree with you…it's a constant battle. :)