Abby turned 8 today! She is such a hoot and I’m so glad to be her mama. She is so serious and methodical, but sometimes she can crack a funny joke and make us all laugh. She loves reading and playing on the iPad, Hip Hop dance and purple is still her favorite. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher and a singer and have 4 kids, two sets of twins, named Bella & Elizabeth and Timmy (who’s nickname will be Tim) & Tommy (who’s nickname will be Tom) and 6 pets (2 bunnies, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters). She is a fantastic big sister to both her younger siblings and she is such a sweet girl.

We like to put balloons and/or streamers on the doorway for the birthday child to walk through on the birthday morning. This year, Abby slipped into our room well before 7 AM (that is the time she is allowed to wake me up on school days. She likes to get up really early and I don’t :) ) and quietly asked me if I was ready to get up to take a picture of her breaking through her streamers.  Gotta love her for sneaking out of her room through her streamers without messing any of them up, just to make sure I got a picture of her leaving her room on her birthday morning :)


Barb I would much prefer to just visit the rabbit at your house :)
Sheri We will gladly get her started early on those 4 pets!!! Rabbit anyone?!? :)
Sheri Haha, love that she made sure you got a pic before crashing thru her door!! Too cute!!