20140117-039We said good-bye to a faithful friend today and welcomed a new one to the family. I finally realized it was time to put convenience ahead of my loathing of minivans. There are so many wonderful memories are wrapped up inside this car, like bringing Cooper home from the hospital for the first time, the joy on Abby’s face when she was finally tall enough to open the door handle herself and Mckenzie’s sweet giggles coming from the back seat.  I am really going to miss this car but I am so thankful the memories stay with me :) Scott took a last photo of me in the car before he took it to the dealership. I’m glad he did that or I may have kept on driving 😉



And one taken by me. I tried to take a photo of Scott driving the old car away, but I couldn’t get it to turn out the way I wanted. Guess I need to find time to practice panning photos.


Brooke How sweet are those piggy toes!! So sweet!