83/365 {Letters to Our Children}

I am so excited to be joining a great bunch of ladies in a blog circle. We write a letter to one (or all) of our children each month and post it on our blog. Thanks for asking me to join y’all! When you are done reading my post, follow the circle on over to read what Jennifer Bacher  has to say.


My Sweet Abby,

You turned 8 this month and it got me to thinking about what life was like before your Dad and I had you and your siblings. To be honest, it was pretty easy. All we had to worry about was working and school and our dog, Bailey. That’s it. It didn’t matter if I stayed up really late at night, because I knew I could sleep in if I wanted to or catch a nap if I needed. Your Dad and I could go to movies or out to dinner at the last minute or plan for a weekend getaway without too much stress. Life was easy and pretty predictable. Wake up, go to school/work, come home, argue about who had to decide where we were eating, finally go out to eat, and come home and go to bed. I can’t say that about life now. It is a wee bit crazy around here with three kids and all the activities that go along with that. It’s Brownies and Daisies and dance lessons and sports practice and play dates and doctor’s and dentist’s appointments and the list goes on. It seems like every time I turn around, one of you needs something. Can I get a drink? Can I get a piece of candy? I need to go potty… It’s time to feed the baby, AGAIN… It’s busy and hectic and totally unpredictable. But, I wouldn’t have it any. other. way. Abby, when I looked into your eyes for the first time 8 years ago, I realized I must be one of the luckiest people in the world. Having a child is a gift like no other. Not only does it give you the chance to love unconditionally, it blesses you with the opportunity to be loved unconditionally.  You made me a mother and for that, I will always be so thankful to you. You opened up a whole new world to me and it is one I thank God every day to be a part of. So, thank you my sweet Abby for being my first born.

Abby, you are a unique young lady. You love to follow the rules and you want everything to be fair. You get upset if your sister happens to get one more piece of candy because that isn’t fair. (although, not everything in life is fair, but I’m pretty sure that is a whole other letter waiting to be written). You are kind and you are so great with your brother. You have a mothering instinct about you and you are constantly following him around to make sure he doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t. You love to play with your sister, although you don’t like to share the iPad with her. You prefer to let her watch you play games. You are loving and generous and kind and playful.

I love you to Pluto and back baby girl!













Janell Beautiful!
Courtney Love all these images! You captured her little personality so well. Your letter was lovely. She is growing up to be quite the little lady :)
Jennifer Bacher What a beautiful daughter you have and such sweet words she will treasure. You are a great writer! So glad you joined our group. Looking forward to getting to know you better!
Brooke Oh I remember the days before you had your sweet, Abby! We could definitely go down memory lane at Hunley Park (which oh by the way we went through last summer when we vacationed in Charleston and it looked like a jungle)!! I actually found a picture of Abby and Ben the other day when they were just weeks old. So sweet. She's grown up to be a beautiful, young lady!!
Laurie I can't believe I still haven't met Abby. She sounds a whole lot like her momma :) I keep wondering at what point kid feet will not be cute anymore, and looks like 8 is still good :) Abby is going to love her letter one day.