104/365 {11 months}





Seriously? How can Cooper be 11 months old already! He is so good at walking now and he barely ever crawls anymore. He loves to play hide and seek as well as chasing his sisters and Dad around the house. He LOVES grapes and bananas and strawberris and Cheerios.  He’s not so fond of pasta or broccoli. He loves Dakota, or should I say he loves to take her bone and feeding her from his highchair. He loves to climb the stairs and has no fear about trying to go down them as well.  He doesn’t seem to be afraid of much in general except for the food processor (can’t say I blame him because it makes an awful noise and I would probably cry too). He also loves water bottles and will steal mine any chance he gets. He gets this smile on his face and he grabs it and then an even bigger smile as he starts to run away with it. Cooper is a very happy little boy who still doesn’t sleep through the night. Maybe someday…