106/365 {love}

I had visions of getting photos of all the children in their Valentine’s clothing, but that never happened. Both girls went over to play at a friend’s house after school and by the time they got home, Cooper wasn’t very cooperative and the girls had marker and who knows what else all over their shirts. So all I got was a photo of Cooper. I feel like he is the only child I take pictures of any more. Probably because he is the most readily available subject. 092

We don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s around here. Scott and I agreed many years ago to keep it low key. I do like to do little things though for the kids. I made them rice krispie treats cut into hearts and together, we made a heart shaped pizza for dinner. I think spending time with them is a great way to teach them the value of people instead of material things. 075

Scott let Cooper play with his wallet today and just like the girls at his age, he loved it! He carried that thing around so proudly and emptied it of all its contents. Why it is so intriguing, I will never know.