107/365 {hanging}



107Mckenzie and I went outside to look at the icicles hanging off things in the backyard. When I was done taking my photographs, I let her smash all the icicles. She had so much fun! I don’t think she has ever gotten to do that before. I know I always liked breaking them when I was a kid (still do) and it was a joy to watch her do something I used to do as a child.


Mojca I love these!! The top one is outstanding...so sharp and I love it in black and white!!
Barb I love my macro! I have a zoom on my wish list too, but it will be awhile before I can get another lens. You should probably get a zoom first and then with all the money you make from shooting weddings you can get your macro ;)
Brooke You're still making me want that macro!! Was looking into a zoom for weddings, but considering the macro instead now. :)