115/365 {starbucks}





I needed to get photos of Mckenzie for my Letters to Our Children post this month so I took the girls to the park. Even though it was cold, Mckenzie was very cooperative (she loathes the cold) so after photos and playing at the playground, I took the girls to Starbucks for a treat. Both girls insisted on a cake pop and hot chocolate. Neither girl liked the cake pop. And I could hardly get them to drink more than a few drinks of their hot chocolate. Mckenzie only wanted to play in the whipped topping and Abby insisted she was full after a couple of drinks :) 129


Mckenzie has a habit of photo bombing my pictures. Here she managed to get the lid from her hot chocolate into the shot of Abby :)



And just because funny faces are so cute :) (btw, check out my Rembrant triangle!!)

Janell Love the way you processed these.