125/365 {Letters To Our Children}

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My Dear Sweet Mckenzie,


You are a truly unique little girl. I can’t imagine there is anyone else out there like you. And that is a good thing :) From the day you were born we said you were the one to do things on your own time schedule. At first I thought you would be doing things early since you arrived almost two weeks before your due date. It’s like you knew I had just started maternity leave from the hospital and I was hoping for at least a week of rest and organizing before your arrival. You, on the other hand,  you were too excited to meet your family to wait any longer. I am glad you arrived when you did because who knows if coming later would have altered who you are today (and that is something I’m not willing to chance!).  Now I know that in your own time means that you will usually be the last one to do something. From meeting milestones as an infant to getting ready in the morning, you are most likely the last one.  You do things on Mckenzie time.  It took me awhile to get it, but I finally learned that you need that extra time to twirl in front of the mirror or sing a song while you are getting ready or make every picture as detailed as possible and I adjusted to you. :)





Mckenzie you are a very sweet and kind person and you are always trying to make other people happy. Whether it is a silly face to make someone laugh or sharing your toy, you like to see the people around you smile. And you are sooooo loving. I can’t remember a day passing by recently that you haven’t told me at least 10 times that you love me. You used to say “I love you to the moon and back. ” and then it was “I love you to infinity times infinity.”  Right now it is “I love you more than you love me.” You say it with such enthusiasm and a smile on your face that my heart overflows with love and joy. You really are a ray of sunshine. I don’t know how anyone could be sad around you!




You also love to give hugs. Squeezey hugs. Like big, strong until you can’t hardly breathe hugs. And even though I say you have to be gentle, I secretly love your squeezey hugs. I hope you always show your affection to those people you love. It is part of what makes you who you are.


You have your own sense of style. It usually involves a skirt, the poofier the better, and leggings no matter where you are headed. If you could, you would wear “fancy” shoes every day and probably a tiara too:)


Mckenzie, you are a smart, funny, loving girl and I am beyond blessed to be your mama! I can’t wait to see where the future takes you.




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Janell Beautiful letter and photos! Love the tutu with the boots!
Laurie Love these of McK! She sounds a LOT like Delia. Delia has her own timeline of when to get things done too. Mostly SLOW! :) I'm still trying to adjust since I'm a last minute out the door kind of person, lol. Loved your letter and photos :)
Courtney Your photos captured her fun personality perfectly. I love how you froze her twirling around and her eclectic style so perfectly. Your letter is beautiful and one I know she will treasure. She is truly a blessing!
Brooke Such a beautiful letter and beautiful pictures. Love the twirling ones the best! What a sweet little girl. :)
Mojca I love black and white version of these photos! They are almost dreamy:)