146/365 {March letters to our children}

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My sweet Cooper. You turned one this month and I am utterly in shock at how that happened. Seriously. This last year with you has flown by. I know that many people say that, but it really is true. When I gaze into your beautiful hazel eyes or watch you sleep so peacefully in my arms, the past year comes flooding back.  Looking at you for the very first time, the grasp of your hand around my finger, watching your father hold you, his only son, for the first time. That is what I remember. That is how old I think you are. But then, you break that spell by doing something that reminds me that you really are a toddler. Like getting into EVERY. THING. You don’t leave any thing alone. Well, unless it is a toy and then you are hard pressed to play with it:) Never did I imagine you would walk at 9.5 months or stick your hand in the toilet (more than once, unfortunately) or eat dog food (yuck!!!) or learn to climb the stairs with ease before a year old, but that is what you have done. You love to play with spatulas and pots and pans. And you know when you have something you shouldn’t, because you take off running with a naughty little grin on your face and a giggle not far behind. You make me smile with all your antics. Not always in the moment, but when I look back, I can usually chuckle about it.



You are a very happy little man. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile. You always seem to have a smile on your face, especially for your big sisters. They love you a lot and I can tell you love them too. Abby really loves to look after you. She acts like a second mama :) Mckenzie likes to play mama to you, but only if Abby isn’t around to do it. You are lucky to have sisters that care for you so much. You may not like having them boss you around when you get a little bigger, but someday, you will appreciate it (at least that’s what I’m hoping for).



You are really ticklish and have the greatest laughs. You don’t talk a whole bunch, but I’m guessing with two older sisters, there isn’t much time for you to talk :) You don’t sleep through the night yet, but I’m thinking that has more to do with me than you.  It is quicker and easier to nurse you back to sleep when you wake in the middle of the night than to listen to you cry ( I think I have turned into a softy in my old age). So, one day (hopefully soon as we are working on sleep training) you will sleep through the night, but until then, I will enjoy our late night snuggles. There is something so special about holding you and comforting you at our nightly meetings. You love grapes and you hate broccoli. You love to swing and run around outside. You still don’t enjoy the car seat very much, but at least now you don’t scream the entire car ride like you did as a wee infant. You love chasing your sisters around the house and hiding in the curtains. You LOVE baths. You get so excited when you hear the bath water run and you try to climb into the tub on your own. You are a biter. Hopefully, that stage passes quickly! You are so loving with your sloppy, wet kisses and cuddly hugs. Hopefully that stage never does :) 




Cooper, I feel blessed to be your mother. You bring me so much joy and love and happiness. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!



P.S. (Cooper it was nearly impossible to get these photos of you. You wouldn’t sit still for anything and if it hadn’t been for your dad’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten the few photos I did!)

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Courtney These photos melt my heart! And that outfit. You are killing me. What a sweet letter to your little man. I can't believe he walked so early and eating the dog food kills me :) Time for another one ;)
Janell Such great shots! I love how you all are doing these letters.
Laurie I love these Barb! What's the general consensus? In the close ups he looks like McK to me. He sounds like a handful! I can't believe he walked so early!
Jen Bacher Ah, what a sweet age. Your little guy sounds ambitious like mine! Darling balloon images. Don't feel guilty for being a softy. I'm the same way! As I get older and life moves at turbo speed I realize those cuddling days will be gone before I want them to!
Leilani Love this! All your pictures are amazing. I love feeling inspired looking at different people and how they choose to photograph their children. Thanks!
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