166/365 {frozen}




The movie Frozen is a huge hit around here. I mean like the world revolves around it. Every time I get in the car with the girls, they want to listen to the music from the movie, specifically, “Let it Go”, over and over and over. I put up with it, but poor Scott can only handle it once, maybe twice :) We haven’t gotten them the movie yet but they have both seen it many, many times. Anyway, I went to the bookstore today to find a couple of photography books for myself (I am in a rut and need some inspiration to get out) and I picked up a few books for the little ones. When Abby got home from school and saw the book Frozen  sitting on the counter, she got all excited and immediately sat down on the steps and started reading. I love that Abby loves to read. We catch her reading in her bed well after lights out.