181/365 {April-letters to our children}

It’s that time again. Our monthly letters to our children. When I was discussing which child I should choose  with Scott, he suggested writing to all of them about what it means to be a family, particularly a military family. So since it was his idea, I suggested he write it :) When you finish here, head on over to Courtney at Click it Up a Notch to see what she has to say to her kiddos :)


Abigail, Mckenzie, and Cooper.

Each of you stole our hearts from the day you blessed us with your birth. God gave us the perfect family when he crafted our family. And that is such a powerful word, family. There is no stronger bond or love in the world than family. No matter the highs and lows, laughs and tears, and smiles and frowns, we will always be a family. Nothing can ever break that bond of love. Nothing exemplifies this more than the sacrifices you three have made being a military family. You have moved all over this great country, making best friends along the way. But then comes the time for our family to embark on its next journey, leaving behind those friends and memories made there. This has been the hardest part for us during our travels. It’s these times we remind you of that powerful word…family. We will always have each other. During those times we weep for our missed friendships, we lean on each other and become a closer family. You three have to make sacrifices most families don’t have too, but you also get to experience so much they don’t. New houses, different cities to live in, new schools and friends to meet. But the one constant through all the sacrifice and exciting new adventures is family. We love you so much and are so excited to grow and strengthen our Family, no matter where we live!!





Laurie So sweet! I need to get Brent to write a letter to our kids this year. OR three :) Nice job Scott!